The Relationship Between Thor and Loki and God’s Love for Us

On Pinterest, I found this absolutely beautiful portrayal of the relationship between Thor and Loki. It’s such a simple picture, but gets the point across perfectly. From Thor’s single sentence to the details of the clothing to Loki’s clenched fist, it’s just PERFECT.



What else really put the point across and inspired this post was what a pinner had captioned for the pin:

“If Thor abandons Loki, there’s no more hope for him.”



  • Thor is never going to give up trying to change Loki back to the man he used to be.
  • If Thor decided one day, “I’m tired of wasting my time on him,” and left, Loki would be lost forever.

Which reminded me immediately of God’s love for us.

  • Even though we let Him down every blessed day, He still never gives up.
  • If He one day decided we were never going to love him like we should and he gave up, we would perish.

He still loves us and is willing to forgive us, just like Thor is to Loki. Just like Thor with Loki, he’s always trying to save us. And he will always, always love us.

Which reminds me of something I once heard someone say that was very moving. “God loves Hitler as much as he loves you.” I had never thought of that, but of course! God loves everyone, black or white; Christian or Atheist; Hindustani or Pakistani; young or old.


So, I wanted to share with you how I realised how Thor feels for Loki is similar to how God feels for us.

Maybe that’s a reason people love Loki and Thor so much. Subconsciously. 😉